Myether 0.39 (0.38) development troubles

Hello, i'm writing again about the 0.39 update. I really wanted to add combat and get the first enemy in this update to get it started but the feel of it still isn't quite right. Because of this i'm going to have to redo it. However all of the previously mentioned features (apart from combat) will still be in the update but because the combat is taking longer than expected i will have to release 0.39 which will now be 0.38 without it.

I will be releasing Myether 0.38 in the next day or two (There's still a couple of features i want to add but they shouldn't take too long)

Because Myether 0.38 (previously 0.39) is taking so long here's a little teaser list of what's coming in this next update:

  • Shovel (To destroy floor tiles)
  • Player animation
  • Better building (With some new things to build with)
  • Balanced some crafting recipes
  • Added a report bug button
  • Fixed a few bugs

Thank you all for your continued support and as always I hope you enjoy Myether!

P.S To stay up to date with the development of Myether i have a twitter account that i post teasers on. You can find it here:

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