Myether 0.37 content update

I have spent most of this update trying new things and testing to see what would work for the game and what wouldn't. I did add character animations but then realised the character needed an overhaul, as well as a combat system without knowing what the first enemy would be. I have some ideas but i will need to do some testing to see what fits best (Which would of taken more time). Enemies will be coming to Myether in the very near future.

Myether Indev 0.37 changelog:

  • Fixed lighting issue with particles
  • Added Planter Boxes
  • Added butterflies
  • Changed the way a few things work (This may cause bugs)
  • Changed the way saving and loading works
  • Changed health regeneration slightly so it's more reliable.
  • Added player death (There is no penalty for dying at the moment.)
  • Rock spawn rate has been lowered
  • Changed the character

Unfortunately because of the saving and loading change old saves will no longer work with the new version of Myether. However this did need to be done due to the way the engine handles object ID's (This new update did break saves anyway). With this new way of saving and loading it should mean that future updates will always be compatible with old saves. I'm sorry the old saves no longer work.

As always i hope you enjoy the game and thank you all for your continued support!


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Jun 27, 2018

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