Myether 0.39 Whats going on?

Hey everyone. I'm currently working on the next update of Myether (Indev Version 0.39) and you should love it if you like building. This update will focus on the games building mechanics and adding more things to build with! There will also be a few other additions to the game

Currently i have added:

  • Stone Walls
  • Wood Walls (Fixed them)
  • Stone Floor
  • Shovel (Destroys floor tiles)
  • Balanced some crafting recipes (Walls now take less resources to build)
  • As well as some fixes and small additions

Because in this update i will be focusing on changing the building system and adding items (Which requires graphical assets) it may take a little time but i will try to get the update out in the next 7 days or so.

If you have anything you would like to see in Myether or any bugs you have found please let me know, and as always I hope you enjoy the game!

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