What is Contributors List?

So in the latest update (Myether Indev 0.365) I added a Contributors list to the title screen which i can add to at anytime.

What is this list and what is it going to be used for?

The contributors list is going to be a place where i can put the top contributors to the game whether they have contributed financially or by giving bug reports and suggestions. The plan for this list is that it will display the last 100 or so contributors during the development of Myether. After the early development period is over, the list of people will be moved from the title screen of the game onto the website. To be forever remembered as the people who supported the development of Myether.

How do i get on the list?

You can get on the list in a couple of ways. For now anyone who donates at least $1.00 will go onto the list (This amount may rise in the future depending on interest) The second way is to regularly give feedback, bug reports or suggestions. Just reporting once wont get you on the list but a couple of times especially in this early stage just might.


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Jun 22, 2018

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