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Development Update
Hey everyone. Just thought i'd post a quick update on what's going on with the development of Dungeon Maker Sketch. First off the project is still in developmen...
Plans for 0.50
Hey all. Got some great features coming in the next update. I don't have a release date currently as there is still alot of work to do. I thought i would make t...
DMS - Shadows Update
Hello. I finally got shadows working and looking the way i want. They will be in the next update of Dungeon Maker Sketch which should be out in the next couple...
DMS - Shadows and colour
Hello all, i have been working on Shadows for Dungeon Maker Sketch for the next update aswell as colours There are a few styles of shadows i could go with but t...
Dungeon Maker Sketch 0.41 fix
I'm sorry but in the rush to get Dungeon Maker Sketch 0.40 released today i left some bugs in there. This update is to fix them. Changed version number in top l...
1 file
Dungeon Maker Sketch V0.40
Dungeon Maker Sketch 0.40 Changelog Added ability to import PNG files Added ability to import ZIP files Changed the way tiles are created Changed the save/load...
1 file
New features for Dungeon Maker Sketch 2020
Hello all, thanks for being patient with this next update. I have some great features to share with you that i have managed to get working in Dungeon Maker Sket...
Importing custom images
I have been working hard on making importing custom images and i finally have it working. There are more features coming in this next update but this is one alo...

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