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Make your own maps in a hand drawn style for your favourite tabletop rpg games like Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). Save your time by using this tool to create maps effortlessly instead of drawning them from scratch. You can even export, edit and print them! Can be used as a DnD battle map maker.

Price will increase as more features and placeables are added so get it early to save!


Demo restrictions
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Placeables (Object) Amount
Export Option
Precise Rotation
Saving & Loading


Current Features
  • 115+ Placeable objects (With more coming in every update)
  • Save, load,  export and print your maps
  • Unlimited map size (Large maps take longer to export)
  • High res 400x400 pixel grid graphics
  • Print your maps after export
  • 9 build layers including dedicated floor and wall layers
  • Object rotation
  • Snap to grid toggle button



  • Escape key - Brings up menu to save, load and export
  • W,A,S,D - Move camera
  • "R" Key - Rotate object
  • ("," & ".") or ("<",">") Partial 10 degree rotate
  • Mouse Wheel - Zoom in and out
  • Middle Mouse button - Drag and pan camera
  • Left Click - Place Object
  • Right Click - Remove object
  • F1 - Fullscreen Toggle


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If you have any trouble with the software or would like to recieve a commercial licence for the game please contact me at feetupgaming@gmail.com

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I cant seem to get it to go full screen.

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Thanks for your comment i'm not sure why that is, are you using the escape menu setting to go into fullscreen mode? Also what OS are you using? There should be a button in the Escape menu also the F1 key should also allow you to go into fullscreen

If I am bugging you too much you can totally ask me to stop! Let's talk windows... I didn't want to just ask you to add them without making a suggestion. If you look at the attached picture: A is your normal wall unit locked to the grid at 100% size. It sits in the middle of two squares hanging onto a little bit of each. When I started thinking about how to add windows I felt that the walls needed to be enlarged first (B). I then used the basis floor tile on a different layer to make the two lines for the window (C). Only when I exported this into MS Paint was I able to extract the unwanted lines. This is a step I would prefer to do within your program, and it is possible with the addition of one very simple object: a white tile with no black lines the same size as a standard floor tile. This would be able to be used as an eraser and allow us to do more fine editing inside your program. 

first of all you are not bugging at all. I don't actually have plans on adding windows as it's top down it wouldn't make sense for a window to be popping up out of the wall all the way to the top. i may add something like window ray line that come out of the window and land on the floor if users wish to mark where windows are, it will take a little messing around but i think i can come up with something :)

Just as an exercise I used your idea to remake some maps for a kids version of D&D. I think they turned out great! 


Looks great, your doing some cool things. Just keep in mind that the assets in the software arn't to be used for commercial purposes. Giving away things you make though is fine

In the second picture I drew a random dungeon and used the MS Paint transparency to place it over the grid and paint the surrounding background white. This was easier and faster, but less precise than I want it to be. My question is: Are there any plans for free drawing cave walls within your program?

Also a little tip when placing the cave wall tiles, place the floor first in the shape of the dungeon you want then place the cave edges then inners and corners. That way you get the exact shape of dungeon you want. I'm planning on making some videos soon to show what sort of things can be done in Dungeon Maker Sketch and tips on how to use it but again there is no correct way to use it so just experiment and have fun, also the new rocks can be used as cave walls if you want a more varied cave wall


Those rocks look outstanding! Thank you for the idea! 

Let's talk caves... In this first picture I initially though the cave tiles were supposed to be used like in exhibit A and floor tiles were to be added as in exhibit B. After looking at your picture I realized my thoughts were inverted and I designed my cave in exhibit C with results that I did not like at all. I then created the grid and used the MS Paint crayon to create the cave I desired (D) and removed the walls (E).  This was the desired effect, but it was a bit more time consuming than I would have liked. (Continued in second comment)

There is no right or wrong way to use Dungeon Maker Sketch, if it looks okay then your using it right. I hadn't thought about inverting the cave wall tiles but it looks cool in "B". I did think about adding free draw so you can draw your own walls but it would be complicated to impliment with the engine i'm using. I'm not ruling it out but if i do add it, it wont be for a while. It does seem like a few people would like that though so it could be worth thinking about abit more.

Are there any plans for a selection tool? Something that can select placed objects in the present layer to move or rotate... or something that can highlight multiple objects in a layer and move them/rotate them/delete them en masse?

Not currently. The vision for Dungeon Maker Sketch is to keep it as simple and user friendly as possile. Adding selection tools would clutter the UI and be abit tricky to impliment (Not impossible just a little tricky) and i'm not sure it's worth it. That's not to say i wont add it in the future if enough people want it, i just think removing the objects and replacing them how you want is simple enough that it's not a priority. Thanks alot though for your feedback and i'll write it down as a possibility for the future

So far I really like this... enough to spend the money on it. Will objects be able to be scaled even larger? I'd love a staircase that takes up more than one square and a wine barrel that takes up the entire grid square. Also, is there a reason why I can't go full screen? This is the most (only) annoying part here. 

Sorry full screen hasn't been added yet but will be soon, and the current reason i have limited scaling is due to the image size i can set it to go higher but it wont be high quality i will add it though just for you :)

You replied within two hours of my message? That is amazing! Thank you for your response. 

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I check regularly throughout my day incase anyone has commented, thanks and no problem i hope you continue to enjoy Dungeon Maker Sketch :)

This is simple and easy to us. I'd like to see the ability to import my own tokens, enlarge existing ones, and a larger library to pick from.

Thanks for your feedback, i am looking into enlarging objects. I love the idea of importing your own tokens and will add it to the list of possible features in the future. I am constantly expanding the library of objects in every update. Next update is sitting at around 17 new objects and counting :) Thank you for supporting the software and i hope you enjoy using it asmuch as we enjoy making it!

Looks good so far - Main issue is exporting - It doesn't automatically save it as an image, I had to manually put in .jpg into the file name and even then the floor is bleached out.

Also finding the save wasn't intuitive - I didn't know I had to press escape to bring up the menu.

I love the style - I'd like the option to scale some item - eg I'd like the options for smaller beds and larger rocks if I could choose the scale.

I'm sure I'll have some more comments at a later stage, but these are my thoughts after 10 mins of play. Great start though.

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Hey, thanks alot for your feedback. Exporting should save as a .png image file with a transparent background by default. Scaling is an option we could add in a later update. I will check the exporting to make sure it's working correctly

(1 edit)

Looks through the code the image must be saved as a *.png to work properly. previously the default file name was just "image" so i have now set that to "image.png" for future updates to make this clear


Please share your feedback once you have used the software so i can better develop it. Thanks!