Development Update

Hey everyone. Just thought i'd post a quick update on what's going on with the development of Dungeon Maker Sketch.

First off the project is still in development, it is going abit slow at the minute however due to personal issues which are being resolved. The time frame of the next update will be mid July.

Currently the plans for the update are quite ambitous and the development for this next update has mainly been experimentation of new features aswell as planning a large graphics rework. This rework will not change the style of the graphics only polish them all. I'm doing this rework because of the skill gap between the first graphics made and all the new stuff so it should add more consistency to the look.

I'm also experimenting with colour. After talking to some users it doesn't seem to be a necessary but the thought behind it is that it will attract new users to Dungeon Maker Sketch.

Some things i'm experimenting with are auto placement features like auto walling and rectangle, circle and free hand drawing are all things i'd love to add, i'm also looking into a prefab type system which will allow you to create smaller structures that can be placed and duplicated in any map.

I hope you are all still excited for the update and thank you so much for your patience and continued support!

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